Rules and FAQ

What is Hitpic?

Hitpic is a competitive, location-based photo sharing app.

Each day at 8 PM ET, yesterday's top-rated pics at each location become hitpics!

Increase your score and global ranking by earning ratings and hitpic awards.

There's no signing up! Just pick a user handle and you're good to go.

When are hitpics awarded?

Daily at 8 PM ET, the top-rated pics posted yesterday, for each location, become hitpics.

Each pic is guaranteed at least 24+ hours to be seen and earn ratings.

What are the rules?

Hitpic aims to create a positive atmosphere for sharing content.

Any form of bullying or exploitation won't be tolerated. Likewise, inappropriate content will be removed.

Users that violate any Unauthorized Activities will be banned. You can find the full list of these activities in the Terms of Service.

How can I submit feedback or ask a question?

There's a feedback form in the app's 'more' tab.

You can also contact us here.